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Custom Databases and Web Apps for Any Size Businesses

     Empower your company today by incorporating an Axios Data Management (ADM) custom business database. Our powerful, incredibly secure, easy-to-use web-based databases and web apps are tailored to fit every nuance of your complex business. Our databases are "rapid deployment", delivering your new platform within days or weeks, not months or years. The return on investment is staggering. Your production and tracking ability will be instantly in motion. Imagine the ability to track everything you do and access it anywhere you have an internet connection, from your phone, tablet, or laptop. On-demand access for yourself, your employees, and even your customers is in reach, with the ability to assign secure credentials at every level, guaranteeing you keep control of the information and who is able to access it. The results are instant. From Operations, HR, Marketing, Sales, and logistics, to any other type of trackable data...we can put your business in the palm of your hand...literally.

CRM (customer relationship management)

Process management

Business Intelligence

Project management

Customer Segmentation

Inventory Management

Calendar / Scheduling

Mobile Apps

Promotions tracking

Order fulfillment

Sales commissions tracking

Digital asset management

Lead conversion reporting

Physical asset management

Human Resources


ERP (enterprise resource planning)

Personal/team task management


Accounts Receivable

Key performance indicators

Employee records

The possibilities are truly endless....

Track Everything


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